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This is the official website of the ver.di site group for GfK. Thank you for visiting our site. This site offers information and texts on current topics regarding trade unions and politics. Furthermore we have information on historical events and people. Moreover you can find information on events and links to other sites. You can even become a ver.di-member. Have fun on our site!

The company group consists of ver.di-members, who are employed at GfK.
We represent all sectors and work councils of the GfK.

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The former social-democratic representative of the Reichstag Gustav Dahrendorff passed Wilhelm Leuschner’s last message. The day before his execution Wilhelm Leuschner shouted out to him: Tomorrow I am going to hang. Unite! On the 29th of September 1944 Wilhelm Keuschner is murdered by the Nazis in Berlin-Plötzensee. Leuschner stood up for the creation of united trade unions in order to overcome the inner turmoil of the labour movement which facilitated the Nazis‘ seizure of power. http://www.wilhelm-leuschner-stiftung.de

The idea of an united trade union is also a claim of the survivors of the concentration camps. The claim for an united trade union which organises cross-party employees appears in resolutions, manifestos and declerations of the surviors.

The DGB union feels obliged to stick to the principles of the united trade union since its establishment in 1949: pluralistic and independent, but not at all politically neutral.

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